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Note: These reports may not be available every other Thursday from noon to 1 p.m. for maintenance.

Newer versions of the browsers MS Edge or Google Chrome may cause issues when creating new projects using the Project Number Request Form. The cause relates to using special characters or entering too many characters into text fields. We’ve noticed this issue so far with the Legal Description ( Section Township Range ) field, but other text fields may react similarly. Best practice is to keep verbiage simple with no special characters, carriage returns or using long, complex text.

If you are having difficulty using the SAAS Report forms with the Google Chrome browser, try using Internet Explorer –or- download and complete the request form and send to your DSAE

If you are having difficulty using the SAAS Report forms, it may be that your browser pop up blocker is enabled.Please read this pop up blockers document for further information.

If you’re having difficulty using this form for requesting a State Aid Project Number, you may download and complete the SALT Request for State Aid Project Number form and send to your DSAE to make the request.